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ITC CORP. is a fast-expanding Philippine Constructors Accreditation Board (PCAB) registered company with a Platinum PhilGEPS Certification.  
We are a fast-expanding Architectural and Engineering Design, General Constructor, Smart Internet of Things (IoT) Automation, and Auxiliary Systems Integrator firm. Our Founder, Chairman, and CEO has over 18 years of experience in the AEC and I.T. industries. 
We specialize in Electricity and Manpower Savings through SMART IoT Automation by engaging with our clients during the early stages of design and construction and even retrofitting of existing buildings, commercial spaces, and homes.
We take pride in our integrated approach because not only does it enable our clients to save on the initial construction costs with our design, but also saves them money on operational and maintenance costs because they can now monitor, run, and maintain their systems efficiently, safely, and on real time frame through their smart phones and other devices. 
We have partnered with the VDA Group (Italy) which offers cutting-edge technology and inimitable VITRUM (Italian Awarded Design). The VDA Group is a leading international company providing smart building solutions for the residential and the hospitality industries all through its 40 years of integrated automation businesses and services.
We are also a social enterprise with a mission to provide sustainable livelihood for the urban poor; help in church building projects; and at the same time use sustainable materials and construction methodologies.
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