We specialize in Electricity and Manpower Savings through IoT Automation by engaging with our clients during the early stages of design and construction and assessing the needs in each project. We will fulfill your smart home and building dreams! 

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Wake up to a new experience with VITRUM by VDA Group. VITRUM is a home automation system that helps you create your ideal home environment with just a push of a button. VITRUM does not require buses, control units, nor additional wiring to be installed, this versatility makes VITRUM simple and available for anyone.

Your lighting, window shutter, regulate temperature, and sound is under the palm of your hands. We let you control your home locally and remotely.

The efficiency and elegance of Italian design created our various designs for your best interest, which includes, Glass,  Stone, Tech, and Sense Collection that will surely incorporate well with your home's design.

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Yale Assure Smart Lock 

Lock away your insecurities with our Yale Assure Smart Lock.


With our backlit touchscreen keypad, you’ll never need keys again. You can create a 4 - 8-digit code for your friends and family, which you can also remove if you wish to. Yale Assure Smart Lock automatically unlocks when you approach and relocks when closed, it also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. 

Lock and unlock, share access, and see who comes and goes with only a touch of a button on your Access app.

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