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An Architect’s journey: Being a new father this pandemic

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Architecture has a huge role in our society, and it is more than just design and aesthetics. It is also understanding design to create livable and functional buildings and spaces where people will feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Good architecture can enhance the quality of life, and good architects can do just that. Architects are highly engaged and hands-on with the processes of their projects to ensure that everything is going well as planned.

Architect Mhykeecan attest to this with his 18-year AEC (architecture, engineering,

construction) and I.T experience. As the CEO of ITC CORP., a fast-expanding

Architectural and Construction Firm, his typical day is always busy, long, and packed as he meets deadlines agreed upon by the company and the client. Not only is he drafting well-designed spaces, but he is also meeting clients, collaborating with colleagues, visiting sites, and working with dozens if not hundreds of workers - All of which require up to 16-hour workdays.

Unfortunately, as we all know, businesses were forced to shift to a work-from-home set up and some were even forced to close because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Similar to other businesses, the pandemic has challenged the company and in fact, it was the

lowest point of ITC CORP. However, the company was fortunate enough to work in the wings to keep the business operational.

The company is famous for its design and build projects of offices, commercial buildings, and hotels all around the country, and because of lockdowns and quarantine protocols, these places will be left empty. Major investments such as development projects and construction were put on hold because of economic uncertainty; thus, architectural firms including ITC CORP. are having trouble acquiring new projects.

While Architect Mhykee transitioned ITC CORP.’s operations online, he was also focused on providing care and support to his pregnant wife as they were expecting their first born child after 5 long years. Like most first-time fathers, it was a scary but also a very exciting time for him as his fatherhood journey begins very soon.

With the personal and business challenges, their expenses peaked. The company remained stagnant with no new projects while his wife needed more medication than usual due to being an APAS patient and maternity packages were also increasing especially during the pandemic. To add to that, his wife had an emergency C section due to early strong contractions and cord coiling which nearly cost his son’s life.

Despite these challenges, he remained resilient and continued to work hard not only for his wife and baby, David but also as the “Father” of ITC CORP. employees.

The pandemic has greatly impacted the way ITC CORP. operates. The new work-from-home set-up may be a big shift from what the company was used to but, it also provided Architect Mhykee an advantage - He can spend more time with his newborn son. Pre-pandemic he spent a chunk of his time in the office talking to clients, working with his team, and visiting sites only leaving Sunday as his official rest day. Given the pre-pandemic set-up, he would only be able to spend time with his son during that day but, the work-from-home environment provided a positive influence on his playtime and bonding time with his son. Even though they experienced a lot of

challenges during the pandemic, their new blessing, baby David, gives their life a new light. Architect Mhykee is truly happier and more fulfilled in life. Aside from overcoming the challenges that his family gone through, the company was able to bounce back this year. Regular and new clients started contacting them again to continue existing or start new projects.

One of the greatest satisfactions of being an Architect besides witnessing the vision of yourdesign come to lifeis helping your clientsachieve their dream project. Now,

Architect Mhykee is even more satisfied with life because baby David, his blessing and inspiration, is always by his side. Lastly, ITC CORP. still continues to strive to be a world class design and build company for commercial spaces, residential areas, hospitality buildings, institutional and industrial requirements.

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