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Types of Buildings

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

When we think of a "Building," we see something tall with a roof, walls, and rooms. In a broader sense, however, a structure is physically formed depending on sands, water, bricks, concrete metal, cement types, and metals.

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), a building is a structure that comprises two or more outside stiff walls and a wholly fastened roof attached to a permanent location.

Consider a factory or a house. It is a construction with walls and a roof that stands more or less permanently in one location. Buildings provide various societal functions, including providing shelter, living space, privacy, security, storing resources, and providing a workplace.

ITC CORP. is an Architectural and Engineering Design, General Construction Firm, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation Auxiliary Systems Integrator. Our founder Chairman and CEO has over 18 years of experience in the AEC and I.T Industries.

ITC CORP. is your smart design + partner when it comes to many types of building constructions, such as commercial spaces, residential areas, hospitality buildings, industrial structures, and so on.

Below, we will see a glimpse of ITC CORP.'s project's design and discuss the various types of buildings.


1. Educational Building

This type of structure includes the buildings used for school, college, or child care requiring assembly for teaching, education, or amusement.

Crime Laboratory

2. Commercial Building:

These include any building type or section utilized for commercial transactions, courthouses, town halls, city halls.

Triangle Mall

3. Residential Building:

A residential building is intended and built for people to live in and call home. Residents might be a family, a single person, a couple, roommates, or a group.

When more than half of a building's floor space is used for living purposes, it is residential.

A residential building consists primarily of:

• Restrooms/Bathroom

• Kitchen

• Living room area

• Bedroom

These functions can occur in shared rooms or locations, or they can be a host in separate rooms—private dwellings, apartment houses (flats), bungalows, duplexes, story houses, terrace structures.

Examples include apartment buildings, condominium buildings, hotels, dorms, and semi-detached structures.

Residential at South Cotabato

4. Institutional Building:

Any structure or component used for medical treatment, for example, falls under this category. Institutions, Nursing homes, orphanages, sanatoria, jails, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals are all examples of institutions.

Fitech Laboratory Building

5. Industrial Building:

The majority of these buildings are in work in the manufacturing industry. Gas plants, refineries, mills, and dairies are all examples of industrial facilities. As well as other related facilities, manufacture, assemble, or process a wide variety of items and materials.

Negros Grace Pharmacy

6. Storage Building:

Warehouses, cold storages, garages, stables, transit sheds, and other similar structures commonly apply to store or shelter products, wares, or commerce.

RC Warehouse

7. Hazardous Building:

Any structure utilized for storing, handling, producing, or processing extremely flammable materials falls into this category. Explosive materials or goods that are prone to igniting quickly and emitting toxic fumes, as well as combustible materials or goods that are prone to igniting quickly and emitting poisonous fumes any structure used to store, handle, manufacture, or treat highly corrosive, toxic, acidic, or other liquids

8. Mercantile Building:

These buildings shall include those utilized for soap, markets, shops, wholesale, or retail.

9. Assembly building:

Theaters, assembly halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, museums, club rooms, auditoria, and other structures where a group of people gathers for enjoyment, amusement, social, religious, or other purposes are examples of these structures.

CCF Commonwealth Ever Gotesco, Quezon city

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